Physician and CDC Whistleblower, Dr. Dan Wozniczka, Announces Campaign for Congress

Wozniczka to challenge Rep. Quigley in Democratic Primary

Dr. Dan Wozniczka (pronounced Vah Nesh Kah) announced today that he is launching a campaign for the Democratic nomination for Illinois 5th congressional district. Born and raised in Jefferson Park, Wozniczka was an epidemiologist at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a frontline epidemiologist, he and some of his colleagues raised alarms in late February 2020 that unless Donald Trump issued national orders to curb the spread of the disease, that we were at risk of witnessing an unprecedented pandemic.

“Politics should play no role in public health, but unfortunately too many MAGA Republicans have put their personal ambition ahead of common sense. The results are restrictions on reproductive freedom, giving massive tax breaks for pharmaceutical companies, and a health care system that puts profit ahead of people. I put my career on the line challenging Donald Trump, and I won’t be afraid to challenge anyone who gets in the way of delivering for Chicago.”

In March of 2020, Dan began releasing information about how COVID-19 was spread and how the pending pandemic could be slowed down. As a result, he was threatened with termination, and because of the recently announced National Emergency and him serving on active duty as a USPHS O4 Lieutenant Commander, faced severe legal consequences. He later became a federally protected whistleblower after detailing the role politics played in CDC decisions, and has testified before congress about the role the Trump administration played increasing the devastation of the pandemic.

Dr. Dan Wozniczka currently practices medicine at NorthShore Hospital in Evanston where he is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine for the University of Chicago, and teaches Epidemiology at Benedictine University, and was at the CDC from 2019 to 2021. Dan is the son of Polish immigrants and was born and raised in Jefferson Park. At age 19 he was diagnosed with Autism and Cognitive Synesthesia and is proud to be neurodivergent.