Who are Magento Competitors

E-commerce platforms have similar basic features with minor differences. The platforms allow you to sell online and receive payment. Your business model and requirements will determine your platform choice. Magento is one of the open-source e-commerce platforms. It has unique features, have the best administrative interface that is customer-friendly, and it is one of the most extendable platforms. However, it tends to load slowly, have frequent updates that can lead to a glitch on its ongoing functioning, and it is quite expensive.

Here are some of the most popular platforms that compete with Magento

  1. Shopify

The platform has many features to get you started; it has available applications, and has well-designed themes. However, theme updates add you extra cost- it is difficult to adapt for multilingual stores, and reports and statistic are restricted for a starter plan.

  1. BigCommerce

It has the clearest directions and its dashboard is slightly different from Shopify in that it has more tools in its basic package. It has advanced features and coding options are available. It has a limited range of free templates and does not support multilingual capabilities.

  1. WordPress

It allows you to build a free e-commerce store easily and quickly. It is powerful and has open-source, cost effective and has numerous S.E.O benefits. However, it lacks security features and does not have a variety of e-commerce plug-ins.

  1. Volusion

It has many available feature and helpful support. However, it is not easy to use as it requires coding knowledge and it has no app store.

  1. Wix

It has free great-looking templates, it offers a great drag and drop visual editor feature, and has numerous S.E.O tools. However, the template you choose for your site is permanent and unchangeable and it has limited bandwidth and space.  Ecommerce business

How to select a good platform for your business

As an entrepreneur, you need a feature rich platform. These will allow you to easily launch and scale with. You should evaluate the platform’s performance. Keep into account the design and format you desire for your site. The e-commerce platform you choose affects the loading time of your site. Some load faster than others. The self-hosted platform allows you to optimize your loading speed. It determines the number of your potential customers visiting your site.


Finding the best platform can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating. This is due to the rapid development of e-commerce market and technology. Each and every e-commerce platform have advantages as well as disadvantages. Setting up an e-commerce online store requires a lot of commitment in running and managing it. Otherwise, you will not get the desired results. It is important to make the right decision of the e-commerce software that you require to run your online store.  Bad hosting will greatly affect your sales.Dropshipping Mean

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